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“The future of publishing in Canada has arrived, born into the world by publishing houses with names like Get to the Point…” –Canadian Bookseller

Issue 2 (1985)
In 1985, Jean Smith started publishing Smarten UP! A How to Change the World Publication as a zine, turning it into a record label in 1986 to release Mecca Normal‘s first LP (re-released by K Records in the 1990s).
In 1993, David Lester started Get to the Point Editions to publish Jean Smith’s first novel I Can Hear Me Fine.
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The Last Fret (2015)
by Wendy Atkinson Wendy Atkinson on FaceBook
The Last Fret, her third bass album, includes ebow, toy piano, field recordings and prepared bass. Guitar, on three tracks, is by David Lester of Mecca Normal. The songs range from ambient, textured pieces to rhythmic or poppy instrumentals to spoken word but, always, bass is the core. As with her previous albums, Atkinson recorded and mixed all of the songs on The Last Fret.

Wendy Atkinson videos, photos, bio

From the new Wendy Atkinson album “The Last Fret”


Pink Noise (2007)
by Wendy Atkinson Wendy Atkinson on MySpace
Available online from K Records
Wendy’s second solo bass-only album, continues her exploration of the low-end world of electric, acoustic and double basses. Just like her first album she wrote and mixed this one on an analog 4-track. Since its release in January 2007 Pink Noise has charted on college radio stations across North America and been reviewed by publications in Canada, US, China and Germany.

Trim cover

Trim by Wendy Atkinson (2003) An all-bass album using electric, acoustic and double bass.Wendy Atkinson on MySpace 

Horde of Two
Guitar and Bass Actions (2009)
David Lester & Wendy Atkinson Listen to Horde of Two on MySpace
Recording this album begins in the dead of winter with a TV monitor set up in the living room of Wendy’s apartment. The video is cued to a murder scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Blackmail. Picking up their instruments — guitar and bass — Wendy presses the record button on the 4-track and their music unfolded in a collaborative response to the tension on screen, creating lush tendrils of bass hanging from wrought iron balconies of guitar.

BUY: K Records online


Janis Zeppelin (2003)
by Mecca Normal
12 song CD, experimental, improvised, 4 unreleased songs from 1984, 2 cover songs.



David Lester
— “Inspired Agitators” posters and postcards
— “Gruesome Acts of Capitalism” — second, updated edition, profits go to Centre for Victims of Torture, more than $1500 raised
— “Actually I like crap.” t-shirt

Jean Smith
— “Two Stories”
— “I Can Hear Me Fine”
— “The Family Swan” — a chapbook of lyrics and poems with a hand-printed cover.



Two Stories
by Jean Smith — $10
Online dating and deception.


Family Swan and other songs
by Jean Smith

isbn 0-9697112-5-5
Smith ascends to a new level of willingness to reveal accounts of family tension giving readers a new vantage point to view their own history from. Specific and personal, the adult does the remembering. Family Swan is powerful – anger, pain and funny recollections are allowed to surface. Most of these pieces are on “The Family Swan” the new Mecca Normal CD, out August 20, 2002 on Kill Rock Stars. Jean hand printed her lino-cut cover at Community Print in Olympia, Washington with the assistance of Nikki McClure.
3144810 400
I Can Hear Me Fine
by Jean Smith
(1993, distributed by Arsenal Pulp Press)
isbn 0-9697112-0-4
$10.00 USD + $5.00 shippingBuy Now Button with Credit CardsThe first of Smith’s two published books of innovative fiction. This is the first book Get To The Point published; a poetic novel of sublime beauty from the singer from Mecca Normal.

“A literary jigsaw puzzle, one that might have been designed by David Lynch and Sylvia Plath.”—BC BOOKWORLD

“Mecca Normal band member Smith has proven to be as good a writer as she is a musician, one of several non-conflicting juxtapositions in her life and work.”—VANCOUVER MAGAZINE

Named one of Vancouver`s top 50 writers in 1999 —VANCOUVER MAGAZINE


1 cover crop
Hot Pink – the history of a situation
by Jean Smith
21 pages,  1997
Text inspired several songs on Mecca Normal’s second album Calico Kills the Cat (K Records, 1989). Handmade by Jean Smith. Individual pages are posted on the Smarten UP! Facebook page.

black milk
Black Milk
by Catherine Owen

“One of the top 5 poetry chapbooks in Canada.”—Literary Network (Toronto)
A young mother’s x-ray vision of her new reality. Owen was a finalist for the Gerald Lampert Award. The book cover, silkscreen on black vinyl, is handmade by Jean Smith.



Out of the Missed
by David Pritchett
isbn 0-9697112-3-9
Pritchett, a longshoreman from Vancouver, swings a crane-load of ideas on love, capitalism and global peril. Along with Norman Nawrocki and Mecca Normal, he is an original member of the Black Wedge Poetry Tour (1986).

Keys To Kingdoms
by Bud Osborn

Winner of the City of Vancouver Book Award
isbn 0-9697112-1-2
Poems by a community activist from Canada’s poorest neighbourhood.



Afternoon Descends To Night
by David Lester

“A collection of funny, surreal illustrations. Lester’s insights make him a kind of alterna-editorialist.” —MAGNET MAGAZINE

I Talk So Fast
I talk so fast that my words lose context and meaning
by David Lester

ISBN 0-9697112-4-7
In conjunction with Mecca Normal performances, a selection of drawings from “I talk so fast…” will be shown in art gallery locations throughout 2002.
The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism
by Public Record
original, limited edition
David Lester’s chapbook has been on tour in the Book Mobile (2002), and its design is featured in Zines (Booth Clibborn Editions, UK) — a large format book about fanzines. Gruesome is also available from
I've Fallen
I’ve Fallen In Love With You
by Wendy Atkinson & David Lester

$25 limited edition
A lovers’ scrapbook filled with poetry, photos and paintings.
“It gets no more complicated, and no less lovely than that.”—BROKEN PENCIL
No Masters! No Gods! Dare to dream
by Norman Nawrocki

isbn 0-9697112-2-0
A collection of urban tall tales, ‘news’ poems, dreams, rhymes & rants for 21st century rebels from Canada’s foremost practitioner of subversive ‘creative resistance.’
What the Wind Brings
by Chad Norman

published for a Doctors Without Borders benefit
A moving collaboration of poems and drawings between father and daughter in the quest for peace by a winner of the Gwendolyn MacEwan Memorial Poetry Award.



Hundred Block Rock
by Bud Osborn

Bud Osborn’s intense poetry reveals the street-level grind of poverty and substance abuse. David Lester on guitar and Wendy Atkinson on bass in an avant-apocalypse, apres-punk landscape.


6178 s

Give Me A Call
by Duane Crone 

Smarten Up! Records
Duane Crone was the busker in front of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive liquor store for 15 years. He performed his original songs, lifting spirits on the Drive, 6 days a weeks from 10 a.m. till closing. Produced by Jean Smith.
The title track “Give Me A Call” is in the independent film “Adonde Fue Juan Jose?” — the song plays on the jukebox of a country and western bar. Dobro was added to the mix by Steve Boatright. The soundtrack CD, “Pajaros de Otro Canto” (The Free Bird Agreement), out on Chee Wee Records.

MUSIC: cassette

The light changed before I could blink
by David Lester David Lester on MySpace
Solo ambient guitar by Mecca Normal’s David Lester.
“Beautiful, endless guitar work.” —DISCORDER



SU! 001

Mecca Normal
Smarten UP! Records

Re-released by K Records — you can download the five Mecca Normal CDs on K
CDs in the works
Jean And Duane
Jean & Duane
Why Don’t You Understanding Me?
2 acoustic guitars + 15 years = a pile of songs: It’s Fiction, Helpless Hands, Billy Bob, Lily-Scented Room, Pizza Pizza Pizza, After the Interview, Wringer Washer, Call It Potential, Einstein’s Hair, Wooden Shoes & Turbans, Empty Suitcase, Mediterranean Sandwich, That’s “Mister” Potato-House to You Please Sir, Smiling Birds & Hot Laundry, Magic Flowers, Blue Cherry Fritter — and more!
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